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Tiro: A football odyssey from Amazon to Alps

First paperback edition, 2016

Sports Humanities, Global Sports Culture, Sports History

ISBN 9781911455011 

234mm x 156mm x 14.6mm 

274 pages

Tiro: A football odyssey from Amazon to Alps 
First paperback edition, Goalden Times

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“A fascinating and illuminating look at all manner of football stories from all over the world”

– David Woods

“This powerful collection of original writing demonstrates the absurdity of the phrase ‘football and politics should never mix’. It illustrates, through an original and wide-ranging span of topics, how sport in general – and football in particular – is inextricably linked to human triumph and disaster. This is an informative and often moving book, and is an excellent collection of thoughtful writing”

- Phil Ball, author of Morbo: the story of Spanish football (2001)

"Tiro is to be commended for shedding light on countries and clubs in eastern Europe and South America that are sometimes overlooked in today's fútbological landscape. This refreshingly creative, passionate, and informed collection of essays should appeal to both ardent football fans and intellectually curious readers.”

- Peter Alegi, Professor of History at Michigan State University and author of'African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World’s Game'​ 


"Tiro is essentially a book for the football fanatic. The writers, [..] have poured their heart and soul, literally, into the essays." - A Football Fanatic's Handbook, The Gulf News (Jan, 2017)

"What makes "Tiro" remarkable is its essay writers' detailed understanding of the game in the larger contexts of the countries they are played in and followed with religion-like passion." Mayank Chhaya - poet, painter and Dalai Lama biographer in conversation with publisher Arka Paul. (Nov, 2016)
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"These are articles that can be deceptively hard to write. They require a lot of research which often isn’t easily accessible or in a language that you can comprehend. And then the narrative might not line up to provide an interesting story. It takes a particular kind of writer to work past these challenges and pull out the story." writes Paul Grech, Editor of Cultured Football marking Tiro 'The Football Book of the Month' (Oct, 2016)

[In French] Tiro Review by Sébastien Couix in PKFoot magazine (Sep 2016 

Bangalore broadsheet New Indian Express in a Q&A with author Indranath Mukherjee (Sep, 2016) 

“Unless you read with the speed of light, this football journey will last a lot longer than 90 minutes, injury-time in both halves included.

In that sense, the book lives up to what Arthur Hopcraft has said in ‘The Football Man: People and Passions in Soccer’ with which its preface begins. “What happens on the football field matters, not in the way that food matters, bit as poetry does to some people, and alcohol does to others: it engages the personality,” Hopcraft has been quoted as saying.”

- Bookending a football journey from Amazon to Alps, Dhiman Sarkar, Football, Hindustan Times (July, 2016)


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