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Tiro: A football odyssey from Amazon to Alps

First paperback edition, 2016

Sports Humanities, Global Sports Culture, Sports History

ISBN 9781911455011 

234mm x 156mm x 14.6mm 

274 pages

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Philippe De Rider

THE FIRST HALF: Voyage to Latin America

Seleção and jogo bonito: 100 years of romance 
Moacyr Barbosa: a life lived and lost between the posts
The miracle workers: Colombia 2001
Alberto Spencer: the magician from Ecuador
Peru: an eternal journey from the ruins to the crown 
Chile: a century-long journey of chasing a dream
A handshake that shook the world
Bolivian heights
Rubén Sosa: Uruguay’s ‘Little Prince’, a Poet of the Goal
The original Clasico: El Clasico del Rio de la Plata
Angels with Dirty Faces
Guillermo Stábile: the greatest manager of Copa America
The rise of Batigol
Into the intimidating world of Argentine hooligans
Once upon a time in Mexico

THE SECOND HALF: An European Expedition

Shell shocked in Sarajevo
In the name of the beautiful game, ethnicity and nationalism
Javier Zanetti: ascent of soul
A brief history of football chants in Italy and England
Catalonia’s Renaissance man
Behind the closed doors of Basque Country
The legend of Ruth Malosso
Rebels of the desert
Welcome to the gates of hell: witnessing the Kıtalar Arası Derbi
FC Terek Grozny: war, football, hatred and controversy in North Caucasus
The death match: Bakers against Nazis
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk: angels amidst war 
Polonia Warsaw and World War II: the war fought on the football pitch
Legend of Breslau XI 
The Grandmaster from Kaiserslautern

EXTRA TIME: Across The Continents

Italian tango: a century-old love affair 
The pioneers of Sweeper-Keeper 
The Holy Trinity: conjurors of the 1980s 

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Tiro: A football odyssey from Amazon to Alps 
First paperback edition, Goalden Times